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chank on tour: smashing alphabets

Here's the confirmed tour schedule for Chank's "Smashing Alphabets" spring 2009 tour, presented in association with Clockwork Active Media Systems.

Here's how the tour's lookin' so far:

3/4 Great Falls, MT - Great Falls Ad Fed SOLD OUT!
3/16 Madison, WI - AAF Madison
4/16 Seattle, WA - AIGA Event w/SPUNK! AWESOME!
4/20 Bismarck, ND - AdFed of Bismarck-Mandan. SOLD OUT!
4/21 Fargo, ND - AdFed of Fargo-Moorhead. SOLD OUT!
5/6 Minneapolis, MN - AIGA Fontmaking Workshop. SOLD OUT!
5/15 Chicago, IL - Third Coast Café.
5/19 Erie, PA - CANCELLED
5/21 New York, NY - w/SPUNK! @ TDC. Click here for details.
5/26 Children's Fontmaking Workshop - POSTPONED
6/25 Memphis, TN - Memphis AdFed JUST ADDED!

"Smashing Alphabets with Chank Diesel"
The best branding campaigns all use typefaces to help define their visual identities, but when they do it right, you don't even notice the font. A font is the voice of the printed word, but how do you choose the right one for your campaign? How can you capture the flavor and personality of your brand by selecting the right type? When does a typeface become a distraction instead of adding distinction? Can a custom font bolster your visual identity?

Learn more about how type differentiates brands through the typographic improvisations and renovations of font designer Chank Diesel of See inspirations for Chank's early font work, samples of fonts in action and case studies of how custom fonts help create great brands. Hear about the fonts and follies of a full-time, self-employed creative visual artist. You'll see fonts in a whole new light once you see how Chank has used custom fonts to help his clients add character and charm to their marketing campaigns.

Sometimes it's a font lecture, sometimes it's a hands-on workshop. It's always a pretty fun time and an educational experience for attendees interested in fonts and the font-making process.

Presented in parntership with Clockwork, Spunk Design Machine and SevnthSin.

Additional support provided by Chowgirls Killer Catering and Studio On Fire.

Thanks to AAF, AIGA and TDC for volunteer organizational support.

See you soon!

chank tour sponsors

Chank Co is a independent type foundry based in Minneapolis. Chank offers cool fonts for smart designers and free fonts for instant download. We also create custom fonts for companies who want exclusive rights and a specific design for a typeface.

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