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The Chank Company is a Minneapolis-based type house. Chank Diesel, president and CEO, began making fonts in 1992 when he worked as creative director of the alternative music magazine Cake. The first font he created, Mister Frisky, remains one of his most popular.

Chank started selling fonts door-to-door as The Travelling Font Salesman in 1995. His fonts were featured in the Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum as "a notable example of contemporary typography" in 1996, the same year he established In 1997, Chank was profiled in The Wall Street Journal, complete with etched portrait. In 2005, his font Liquorstore was named "One of the 20 Typefaces We Love" in HOW Magazine's 20th anniversary issue.

To encourage recreational use of fonts by casual designers, Chank offers cool fonts at cool prices and free fonts for instant download. Chank also creates custom fonts for companies who want exclusive rights and a specific design for a typeface. Clients who have used Chank's custom font services include Cartoon Network, Hormel, Huggies, Marshall Field's, Ocean Spray, Pizza Hut, Target and Walt Disney.









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