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Atomic Vegas Seasnakes

by Las Vegas AIGA Chapter

(((This font has moved to the new CHANK.COM. Get it here: Atomic Vegas Seasnakes font at Ignore the download links below. They don't work anymore.)))

Chank's travelling fontmaking workshop is a great way for participants to learn the font creation process from inspiration to completion through the hands-on building of a real, live font. The most recent workshop was held on September 17 in Las Vegas at an event hosted my the local AIGA chapter.

The medium for our alphabets this time around was those plastic wristbands that glow in the dark. The wristbands were bent into shape and wired to black boards, then each individual letter was photographed. A font was created, from inspiration to completion in about 3 hours.

A good time was had by all during this unique learning experience. "The hands-on fun of playing with neon was a huge hit! Many of our members have said it was one of the best events of 2008," says Krystal Hosmer, AIGA Las Vegas Membership Director.

Now the font is ready for you to download. Here's the font we made at the Atomic Testing Museum. I couldn't decide on "Atomic Vegas" or "Seasnakes" for a name, so I just combined 'em into Atomic Vegas Seasnakes. The download link at the bottom of this article contains not only the OpenType font, but also some low-res picture files that you can use for cool web design work.

Thank you so much to everybody who came to my Las Vegas Fontmaking Workshop and helped make this font! Thanks to the AIGA Las Vegas for being such good hosts and thanks to Mohawk, Adobe, and the other sponsors for their support. Thanks to intern Sarah Jean Johnson for making such a fantastic kinetic typography video to show off the font on YouTube. Mark Zingarelli made the cool poster. And of course, thanks to all the talented workshop participants. What a bizarre new font we've made.

I had a great time and look forward to my next visit. It's nice to see so much new stuff there every time I visit. What a thrill... thanks a megaton, Las Vegas!

Enjoy this font and use it often. Write to friendlyfolks(at) if you'd like to host a fontmaking workshop in your town.

AIGA Las Vegas Fontmaking Workshop participants

AIGA Las Vegas Fontmaking Workshop participant

AIGA Las Vegas Fontmaking Workshop participant

AIGA Las Vegas Fontmaking Workshop poster by Mark Zingarelli


Download Atomic Vegas Seasnakes font - CLICK HERE!


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