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chankstore freefont


by EatStreet Fontmaking Workshop

(((This font has moved to the new CHANK.COM. Get it here: EatStreet font at the new Ignore the download links below. They don't work anymore.)))

Have fun with your food and your fonts! Here is the brand-new EatStreet font, a crazy new food font for you to type with. In addition to the regular, type-able TrueType font file, this download also comes with a folder full of food-letter jpgs for you to use in your web design work. You can't type with the full-color pictures, but you can copy and paste 'em in Photoshop to create color-explosive culinary typography. Pow! Send me a link so I can see what you design with this alphabet.

We made a video so you can see how to make a font with your food like we did. It was shot live on location in the cozy ethnic restaurants of Nicollet Ave in Minneapolis. Thank you to everybody who helped make this font and video and thanks to Molly who filmed it. Extra-special thanks goes to our star intern Sarah Jean Johnson who directed the video and coordinated the type-dining event with her fellow MCAD students.... good job Sarah!

Watch the video, then download the font below it....

Download EatStreet font - CLICK HERE!


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