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chankstore freefont


by Andrea McKay

(((This font has moved to the new CHANK.COM. Get it here: Tortuga font at Ignore the download links below. They don't work anymore.)))

Feast your flippers on Tortuga, the new freefont from the latest Chank Co intern, Andrea McKay. Andrea is a student at MCAD who took on the internship to learn more about type, typography and small business. Before MCAD, she got a graduate degree in Landscape Architecture from the U or M, and she also spent some time volunteering helping to rescue and preserve seat-turtle eggs. She won her fontmaking internship position with a portfolio that showed not only a strong interest in typography but also through her use of nature and wilderness as elements in her graphic design.

But it was the sea turtle thing that fascinated us the most, so we gave Andrea a tough assignment. Make a freefont inspired by the arcs, flippers and form of a sea turtle. That's how Tortuga came about. You can kinda see a turtle flipper in the h, m and n characters. Type a line of lowercase text and it looks like a horizon covered with rippling waves. There's also a strong sense of maritime nostalgia in the capital letters. You can almost see sailboat sails unfurling in some of the caps letters. Whoosh!

This was Andrea's second font assignment at Chank Co. Her first was a crash course in type design: QUICK! Draw a set of lowercase letters for Collateral Damage. She did that job well, too, but Tortuga really does a great job of capturing some of her easy-goin', nature-lovin', sea-farin' personality. Good job Andrea!

Download Tortuga font - CLICK HERE!


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