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Ollivette Elite

by Chank Diesel

(((This font is now available at Get it here: Ollivette Elite font at CLICK HERE. Ignore the download links below. They don't work anymore.)))

Fly your inner geek flag with this cool new "Eleet" typewriter font. It's kinda like a wonky internet translator that converts normal typed text into Leetspeak, so you can exchange encoded lovenotes with cyber-hackers and goofy-gamers. The actual glyphs in this font are interchangeable with the more logical Ollivette typewriter font, but here the characters have all been moved around to create stylized interpretation of similar glyphs. So "ELEET" could also be typed "31337". Except you don't have to think about it. Get it? Got it? Good! It's a free download anyways, so what could go wrong?

3NJ0¥ TH15 ƒطر+ & U53 !† 0FT3N.

Download Ollivette Elite font - CLICK HERE!


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