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WC Wunderbach Weiß

by Christophe Féray

Don't let the German name fool you; WC Wunderbach Weiss is actually a French font. It's sent to us today from your pal Christophe Feray of WC Fonts. He says the basis for this font, as well as the whole Wunderbach family, is stencil-painted signage in the catacombs under Paris. Y'see back in the day when the Germans were bombimg Paris and people went to the safety of underground bunkers, there was signage there. And it was this signage that inspired Christophe, so he gave it the ironic name "Wunderbach!" Ironic? Maybe that should be sarcastic. Or facetious? Oh, I'm not sure. Let's just call it a subterranean French font with a German name. Oh la la!

This latest incarnation of WC Wunderbach is called Weiß, weiss, or white, because it fades away in gradients of every letter. (Or maybe it means wheat? Shoot, I don't know.) If you like this one, be sure to check out WC Wunderbach Paint, the drippy version which was a featured Chankstore Freefont back in 2006. Also check out Christophe's WC Fonts site for even more Wunderbachs... go go get it while you can!

(Rust image from Enchanted Mercantile.)

Download WC Wunderbach Weiß font - CLICK HERE!


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