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Ballers Delight

by HOW Fontmaking Workshoppers

(((This font has moved to the new CHANK.COM. Get it here: Ballers Delight font at the new Ignore the download links below. They don't work anymore.)))

( We made a YouTube movie about this new free font. Watch it here! )

Ballers Delight is an exciting new picture font that was created by participants of Chank's "Gloss-n-Floss" fontmaking workshop at the HOW Design Conference in Atlanta on June 10, 2007. Fifty workshop participants spent an afternoon creating these exciting new bejewelled letters for you.

Each individual letter was constructed out of beads and gems on small canvas boards measuring 5"x7". Letters were then photographed and the resulting pics were used for making a thuggish new grunge font with a big hip-hop influence.

This freefont is supplied to you today in 2 formats: new OpenType for typing on your computer, and separately as a collection of JPGs that require a bit more work to use. Copy and paste the JPGs in PhotoShop created your own full-color headlines. Adjust the hue and brightness as you see fit. Have fun with it, because we had a lot of fun creating it for you!

THANK YOU to everybody who helped make this font, specifically: Whitney Allen, Kurt Avar, Louis Baker, Linda M. Beach, Dawn Beard, Marc Borelli, Christy Bourgeois, Tracy A. Cooper, Lisa Eastlack, Shawn Flowers, Kelly Friederich, Kathryn Garrison, Janet Gerhardt, Jessie Kate Guillory, Amy Hawk, Scott Hodges, Brandon Johnson, Oswaldo Madrid, Nancy Magana, Justin Martinez, Kevin McIntosh, Ben Pagel, Cecil S. Parrott IV, Jorge "Ito" Pizarro, Kelly Redling, Ralph Richbourg, David Schaefer, Katie Shamberg, Earl Sison, Brant Skousen, Mark Smith, Melissa Snyder, Samantha Snyder, Katharine Stevens, Jessica Tillyer, Sarah RJ Wait, Emily Wilson, Kacey Walters, Jimmy Wardlaw, Mano Yertnian, Vanessa Ysmael. Also thanks to HOW for hosting the event, Jess Latham for making Chank's costume jersey, Tara Rea for contributing the black satin, the Spunk boys for filming and Penco for donating the art supplies.

Download Ballers Delight font - CLICK HERE!


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