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Fowl Play

by Christian Ghirardi

(((This font has moved to the new CHANK.COM. Get it here: Fowl Play font at the new Ignore the download links below. They don't work anymore.)))

Here we have another fun dingbat font by Ohio sign designer Christian Ghirardi, creator of Fleur de Wee. Christian's last font was for the French. This font, well, it's for the birds! "Fowl Play was inspired by an overzealous employer and his extreme hatred for our neighboring geese. While witnessing many failed attempts at evicting the feathered flock (apparently hillbillies with dogs and firearms simply aren't enough), I was moved to create a font honoring the form of these diverse, and often times delectable birds," says Christian.

Fowl Play offers 26 bird silhouettes with flipped silhouettes in the uppercase letters, allowing for easy mirror-image design. The numbers are feathers and the punctuation features an assortment of bird accessories, including a nest, a hunting dog, and a gun. In addition to flying ducks and standing flamingoes, you'll find turkey drumsticks and rubber chickens in this fine feathered font.

"Having used a couple of 'fowl forms' in the past, I already had a small arsenal to work with. I primarily wanted to focus on birds which exist on water or have limited flying capacity. These varieties tend to have more unique characteristics from species to species," Christian explains. "Many of my selections, sadly, were chosen strictly on tastiness. Happy hunting!"

Download Fowl Play font - CLICK HERE!


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