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Cafe Noir

by Andrea Heikens

As do most Chank Interns, Andrea Heikens earned a nickname during her tenure at the Chank Studio. We like to call her “Czechers” in homage to her native land of the Czech Republic. Czecher’s cheeky humor, austere accent, and Euro-style sensibilities were welcome flourishes to her excellent design skills.

As her final project, Czechers created this font while listening to the never-ending Chank Company soundtrack of Jazz 88. She started hand-drawing tall, thin, shadowy letters that reminded her of Film Noir movies. As her font evolved, she needed to create a white fill and found inspiration from Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha, also a Czech native.

To make a graphic design using Cafe Noir, you layer separate font files for the shadow and the fill. One font is called Cafe Noir Shadow and the other is Cafe Noir Fill. In both fonts, the uppercase letters are tightly spaced and the lowercase letters are more spread out, giving you more flexibility in your design work.

Before you know it, your designs will be as sultry and sexy as Czechers'.

Download Cafe Noir font - CLICK HERE!


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