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Mister Twiggy

by AIGA Design Camp Workshop

Introducing Mister Twiggy, one third of the Chank's AIGA Design Camp Font Project. If you enjoy this font, be sure to check out the other Design Camp fonts, Twigdancer and Sauertwiggo. These three new fonts, supplied absolutely FREE in both TrueType and JPG formats, can be mixed and matched to create crazy fun all-natural woodsy designs.

Also check out the inspiration for this font, the original Mister Frisky!

THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY WHO HELPED CREATE THIS FONT, more specifically: Rob B, Harlan Bloomer, Kevin Burg, Theresa Marie Carlson, William D. Cavill, Lisa Christiansen, Chank Diesel, Leslie Dimond, Andrea Douglas, Dawn Ekern, Jarilyn Fahvendorff, Dawn Fraser, Angi Gahler, Mike Gobelli, Sarah Goldschadt, Brenda Halvorson, Jenny Holloway, Charlie Hyde, Dawn Koranda, Steve Kulp, Ida Kumoji, Rebecca Loutsh, Rebecca Lysen, Sally Masterton, Barry McCullough, Garrett Moon, Nicole Nowakowski, Bret Petersen, Reedzilla, John Samels, Karl Schweikart, Sharon Soder, Lisa Voigt and Rochelle Whitchelo. Photoshopped and fontified by Brenda Halvorson. THANK YOU ALL!

Download Mister Twiggy font - CLICK HERE!


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