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by Stefan Claudius

Chank Army member Stefan Claudius of phantomphonts found inspiration for this free font in a fleamarket postcard from the early part of the 20th century. The font’s name comes from Königsbrück, a town situated in the former Deutsche Demokratische Republik where the postcard was addressed to.

“I was fascinated by the strange logic of the woman’s handwriting,” Stefan says, “and I found it nearly illegible. That's the problem with the font.” But it’s also part of the charm. It’s a genuine human handwriting font, complete with the irregularities and messiness that makes each person’s handwriting unique. And it looks like it was written by your grandmother.

It’s not the prettiest font in the world, but then again, you’re not the prettiest person in the world, either.

Download Koenigsbrueck font - CLICK HERE!


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