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Oh La La

by Martin Fredrikson Core

Core's brand new pixelfont Oh La La is all about nice weather, open spaces, taking time off from work, spring, spending time with friends, being outdoors and enjoying mother nature.

So, what is a "pixelfont" or "bitmap font" anyway? Well. A font has generally two parts. One part is for the printer (high res). And one part is just for the monitor (low res) - that's the pixelfont (a.k.a. bitmap font). Normally, your computer reads the data from the printer file to create the pixelfont.

The interpretation process is fairly unintelligent. The automatized pixelfont is often messy and unadjusted, and if you keep reading texts on-screen with Times New Roman or Arial you will eventually damage your eyes. That's a fact. Every now and then somebody makes a font that is specially adjusted for the screen. Take a gander at the pointy look and the aggressive tone in Times New Roman and Arial, the standard typefaces in all computers. Then experience the sweetness and serenity of Oh La La.

Please note: A bitmap font is for computer screen use only. If you print it, it comes out all angular och ugly. Also important, all photoshop users should turn off the smoothing aliasing thing... happy 2002!

Download Oh La La font - CLICK HERE!


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