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Matt B

by m@b

Matt B. He's Canadian. He's an awesome comic book artist. And he digs Chank.

"I just wanted to thank you personally for allowing my comic to be attached to the Chank name," says Matt B. "There's not a graphic designer I know that isn't familiar with your fonts. When they heard that my handwriting was being developed into a font they thought it was cool. When I said the boys at were looking after it, there was some back slapping and dropped jaws. Because of my association with you, I now have people saying, 'You're on your way to the big time.' Most of them took that back when I said it was being given away for free."

Gotta throw some of Chank's thanks Matt B's way for his mighty kind words and his mighty fine letters. Matt's already using his fonts at his Matt B website. Having his a custom font of his handwriting saves Matt B a lot of time and effort.

You can have Chank turn your handwriting into a font, too! All you gotta do is Go Font Yourself!

Or if you prefer to steal the penmanship of a comic book artist, you can use Matt B's handwriting, too. No forging necessary... just take it for free from Chank.

Download Matt B font - CLICK HERE!


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