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What is the Chank font of the Month Club?
Basically, it's a font subscription. Just like you get the new Rolling Stone or HOW Magazine every month, you get a new Chank Font every month -- except the Chank Font is sent to your email box, not your snail mail box.

How do I subscribe?
It's easy! Spend more than $99, and you'll receive a FREE one-year subscription to the Chank Font of the Month Club. That's another 12 fonts for FREE! Every month, you'll receive the world's freshest font designs, hot off Chank's computer.

Why should I join?
When you subscribe to the Chank Font of the Month Club, you stay hip to today's typographic trends. You are the first on your block to use Chank's newest, previously unreleased fonts -- professional fonts of the highest quality with complete character sets.

You can't beat the price! You get the Chank Fonts you buy for $99 plus another 12 for free. And Chank always extends special offers to his Font Clubbers.

How does it work?
Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. When you spend more than $99 in one visit at, Chank automatically enrolls you in his Font of the Month Club.
  2. Chank sends you an email confirming your subscription.
  3. Every month for the next year, Chank sends you an email telling you to go to a special secret spot on the web to download that month's new font.

Do I get anything else?
Lucky members of Chank's Font of the Month Club receive:

  • A new Chank font every month for a year
  • Discounts on art, t-shirts and fonts
  • Random surprises

Now what are you waiting for? Peruse Chank's cool fonts for sale and download your favorites and start using them right away. You'll be automatically enrolled when you make a qualifying purchase. New fonts will be delivered to you monthly via e-mail.

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