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Chank Font: Adrianna Big Complete Font Family

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Adrianna Big Complete Font Family

It's the great big ADRIANNA complete font family in 30 weights! Here's a great, unified collection of sans fonts, all working together to solve any typographic conundrum in the most unobtrusive way. Adrianna is meant to be an invisible font, so people read your words and don't notice the font at all. Because sometimes that's the kind of font you need. Nothing flashy, and nothing tricky, just good clean words.

Wide words. Condensed words. Bold words. Regular words. You can type them all with this cool new font family.

The recent completion of the ten new fonts in the Adrianna Condensed family also marks the completion of the broader Adrianna Big Complete font family. The Adrianna font family is now a complete type system of 30 super-practical fonts ranging from Condensed to Extended, Light to ExtraBold, all with accompanying Italics. Whoa! That's a lotta sans!

In addition to the nice clean character of all these fonts, you also get a few OpenType bonus goodies. How about Small Caps? Yep, that's in every weight. Swash Characters? Yep, they're in there, too, giving you some flashy little alternates glyphs for mixing in with the more traditional letters to create simple, striking logos quickly. You want stylistic alternates, like a stronger I with crossbars above and below instead of a single vertical stroke? Poke around in the Glyphs palette and you can probably find one.

These fonts are optimized for use on a Mac with Adobe Creative Suite applications, but they should also work on other platforms and apps. I can't guarantee that you'll be able to access all of these neat bells and whistles. But if you've got some smart design software, these brilliant new fonts are ready to do some tricks for you.

On top of that, there's also enhanced language support in these fonts. They all contain extensive character sets which now covered almost all of Central and Eastern Europe. And if you're looking for Cyrillic type for your friends in Ukraine or Macedonia, that's included in the Regular and Condensed widths. Go ahead and go global! Adrianna is ready and steady.

This instantly downloadable package, Adrianna Big Complete Font Family, contains all the Adrianna fonts which can also be purchased in these individual sub-families:

- Adrianna Condensed (10 fonts) - The newest of the bunch is concise for fitting in lots of words.
- Adrianna Regular (10 fonts) - No-nonsense here, just one of the most practical fonts you'll ever see.
- Adrianna Extended (10 fonts) - A bit of extra style makes the wide ones great for making logos.

You get all 30 fonts in OpenType format for Mac & PC with this instant download here.

$499.00 Created by Chank Diesel

Chank Fonts are available through the NEW as well as and You can also order Chank Fonts by e-mailing friendlyfolks(at)


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