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Chank Font: Bones Regular

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Bones Regular

Bónes Regular is a clean, Roman-inspired semi-sans with nice round corners so you won't cut yourself. It's child-proofed and sterilized for your protection. Bónes, pronounced as "bonus", is a new kind of font for a new century. Technically it's a sans-serif, but the contrasting stroke width makes you think of a classic serif font. Look closer and you will see that yes, some letters do have the faintest bud of serifs, which may bloom later. For now they are just buds. And all those little round corners are smooth as can be and supply a visual fuzziness and tactile warmth that will make your designs shine in a bright modern voice. Mmmmmm... just dreamy. It's supplied here as an instant download in OpenType format for Mac or PC.

$49.00 Created by Chank Diesel

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