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Chank Font: Bell Martellus

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Bell Martellus

Chank is proud to collaborate on the font Bell Martellus, another historical reenactment brought to life by Blinc Publishing of St. Paul, Minnesota. Full of texture and regal personality, Bell Martellus was derived from a book published in 1475 by Henricus Martellus entitled Liber Insularum. The writing style is based on the Carolingian Script created by the Emperor Charlemagne and his scribe, Alquin of York, in the 9th century A.D. This old world lettering comes with new world OpenType capabilities, including swash caps and small caps.

The James Ford Bell Library at the University of Minnesota commissioned Blinc to develop this font as a means of introducing their amazing collection of rare books, maps and manuscripts to a wider audience. A portion of the proceeds from this font will benefit the James Ford Bell Library.

Once the historic script was fontified by Blinc, it was forwarded to Chank Co, where we added some snazzy baubles for the discriminating typographer. Everybody can enjoy the antique genuine nature of Bell Martellus, but advanced OpenType users also get extra features in Adobe CS applications.

In addition to the regular script caps, this font also includes a complete set of big, Roman, initial caps which can be accessed as the "Swash" feature. There's a separate set of small capitals, too, as "Small Caps" feature. Mix 'em and match 'em to create humanistic flair, like this:

Bell Martellus special features

Hooray! Now you can kick it up a notch!

Bell Martellus comes in exciting new OpenType format for both Mac & PC. Mac users also receive PostScript format.

$49.00 Created by Bill Moran & Chank Diesel

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