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Go Font Yourself Handwriting Fontpak

The Go Font Yourself Handwriting Fontpak is Chank's most idiosyncratic fontpak to date a download-only, super-saver collection of 21 handwriting fonts drawn by real people and fontified by Chank. Check out the "Go Font Yourself" PDF onesheet to get a better view of all these fonts.

Each font is loaded with personality, creating a cast of characters as colorful as the gang on Melrose Place. If you're a Melrose fan, you'll notice a number of the fonts are named after Melrose characters or actors. And just like Melrose Place, this fontpak even features a Special Guest Star. Chank named it Woodward, after Heather Locklear's character, Amanda Woodward.

Like Amanda, this stylish font works in advertising and seduces studly soccer boys. Originally dubbed MitreScript, this lettering was commissioned as a custom font by the folks at Mitre, a soccer company in England, for use on packaging and advertising materials. Woodward is featured as the Font of the Month for September.

The rest of the handwriting fonts came from Go Font Yourself, a service Chank started to satisfy all the egomaniacs who want to type in their own handwriting. In the end, this unique service has enhanced the lives of many. "I have loved using my font for the thousands of thank you notes I write yearly (I'm a teacher)," says Peggy Nuckols of Peggy font fame.

Lindsay Berg, creator of the font Kimberly, impressed everyone with her penmanship. "The project I used it for (my senior thesis) ended up being 280+ pages and everyone asked how on earth I did that with my handwriting," she says.

Filled with expression and eccentricities, this fontpak features a great variety of personality types. Buy these fonts and you'll be able to type in many voices from a girly girl's bubble letters (Loopy) to a mature woman's penmanship (Marcie and Sonya), from stoic architectural print (Thornesmith and Jack's Blue Print) to loose casual styles (Brutus, Hey Steve, Josie, Palmer, Pollak, Ralston, Shue, and Sidney). Some fonts are arty and fashionable (Jeanna, Mancini, Peggy, and Woodward), while others are unusual and quirky (Aunt Susan, Kersti, Kimberly, and Michael).

You can use the Go Font Yourself service, too. Or you can take the easy way out and take advantage of the many voices in the Go Font Yourself Handwriting Fontpak.

"It's hard to find good handwriting fonts and to think you could get all of those at once is terrific," says Julie Burnette whose dad created Jack's Blue Print.

The Go Font Yourself Handwriting Fontpak is a collection of 21 all-new handwriting fonts for Macintosh or Windows. This font collection is instantly downloadable to offer you convenience and value.

Contains the following fonts: GFY AuntSusan, GFY Brutus, GFY HeySteve, GFY JacksBluePrint, GFY Jeanna, GFY Josie, GFY Kersti, GFY Kimberly, GFY Loopy, GFY Marcie, GFY Mancini, GFY Michael, GFY Palmer, GFY Peggy, GFY Pollak, GFY Shue, GFY Ralston, GFY Sidney, GFY Sonya, GFY Thornesmith, and the September Font of the Month, GFY Woodward. It is available for download only.

UPDATED 09.10.08: Instant download includes fresh new OpenType format for Mac and PC users.

$186.00 Created by Chank Diesel & friends

Chank Fonts are available through the NEW as well as and You can also order Chank Fonts by e-mailing friendlyfolks(at)


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