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American Propaganda fontpak

It's war time, folks, time to break out the propaganda. If we're gonna win this War Against Terrorism, we need some good posters!

Chank's got a surplus of fonts to help communicate important war-time messages. Whether your design purpose is to instill fear or boost pride, you'll find a great selection of type styles in the Chank Propaganda Pak. Classic Chank typefaces like Liquorstore and Braingelt are of the vintage variety seen on World War II propaganda posters. More modern Chank fonts, such as Hoosker Doo and Dekapot Deluxxe, reflect these paranoid times of Homeland Security, anthrax envelopes, and Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Show the Axis of Evil that you are proud to be American - buy some fonts today! With more than 21 Chank Fonts, including the brand new King George Family, the Chank Propaganda Pak is a great bargain.

These fonts were Made in America.


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With sharp serifs and brawny strokes, Braingelt Standard and Braingelt Premium eminate strength and power. This retro industrial font family, created by Chank in 1999, is derived from Minneapolis signage.

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Fornicator is an undeniable force, standing as sturdy and strong as American soldiers at Iwo Jima. Chank designed this font in 1996, with rounded serifs that look like bullets and add to its intimidating nature.

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Chank created this rigid industrial font in 1993, naming it after the German techno band Kraftwerk. The predecessor to Liquorstore, this Constructivist font is all caps; uppercase letters are bolder than the lowercase.

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Liquorstore Family
Created by Chank in 1997, Liquorstore is a geometric font reminiscent of type styles used in Stalin's "Social Realism" posters. This family also contains Liquorstore Jazz, a variation in which uppercase and lowercase letters comingle.

( Click to view sample )
Nicotine Family
Highly condensed and legible, Nicotine is an industrial font similar to the lettering in many U.S. World War II posters. Nicotine and Nicotine Jazz, designed by Chank in 1998, are direct descendants of the Liquorstore family.


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Ammonia, designed by Chank in 1996, is an ideal type treatment to reflect the doom and fume of biological warfare.

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Crusti Family
Created by Chank in 1993 during the grunge years, the Crusti fonts will help make sure your protest flier stirs an uprising.

( Click to view sample )
Dekapot Deluxxe
First released as a free font in 1999 and finished up in 2001, this all-caps font is crucial for wartime communications. The dots and dashes are actually secret code.

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Hoosker Doo & Hoosker Dont
The cut out letters and copy-machine grit gives Hoosker Doo a ransom-note texture - a great way to send threatening messages to terrorists! Hoosker Dont is a little less intimidating, and more appropriate for correspondense with political leaders. Both were made by Chank in 1993.

( Click to view sample )
King George Family
These are Chank's first fonts of 2003. Ranging from rebellious and grungy to distressed and press printed, this font family is a sign of the times. Just added: King George Drunk !

UPDATE 09.05.2006: Download includes exciting new OpenType format for Mac or PC; Mac users also receive PostScript format.

$99.00 Created by Chank Diesel

Chank Fonts are available through the NEW as well as and You can also order Chank Fonts by e-mailing friendlyfolks(at)


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