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Chank Co is a Minneapolis-based type house and art studio. We sell instantly downloadable fonts online to help you spice up your design. We also provide specialized services for more discriminating customers. Here are the ways we can serve you:

Custom Fonts (Click here to see some of our custom font examples!)

Whether your font issues are technical or aesthetic, traditional or cutting edge, text or display, Chank's type solutions will make your day.

  • Is your company creating a new identity?
  • Do you need a font created to match a logo?
  • Would an exclusive typeface enhance your brand?
  • Have you created your own letters that you would like "fontified"?
  • Could you use a unique font style to set you apart from the competition?
  • Are you looking for photofont solutions to issues with typographic artwork?
  • Are you tired of re-negotiating a license for your corporate type family every time your company expands?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could probably use a custom font created by Chank. We work with corporations and their agencies to create custom fonts tailored to specific needs. Here are some of the ways Chank can help:

Unique Voice When a national brand needs to stand among mass marketing campaigns, they contact Chank for a unique type style. Handwriting When a film company wants to turn hand lettering into a font, they talk to Chank. Photofonts When an ad agency needs technical assistance in converting illustrations to a font, they count on Chank's expertise. Modifications When a design firm is looking for a modified version of a Chank font, they turn to Chank. Licensing & Exclusivity When a corporation is burdened by licensing issues as their company expands in the global marketplace, they call on Chank to create an exclusive corporate type family with unlimited distribution rights.

Whatever your typographic quandry, Chank will work with you to come up with the ideal creative solution. Clients satisfied with Chank custom font work include Cartoon Network, Church's Chicken, Hormel, Huggies, Mall of America, Marshall Field's, Medtronic, Ocean Spray, Pizza Hut and Target. See some samples of Chank's custom font work.

Go Font Yourself!
Wouldn't it be cool to be able to type in your very own handwriting? If you'd like to convert your handwriting into a font, Chank can help you Go Font Yourself!

Give us a call today at 612.782.2245 to find out how Chank can best serve your typographic needs.


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